- Confirm your AMEX card 2021! is the official website for American Express in the United States for their customers to verify and confirm their credit card online. You should know that by now, right? Why else would you be here, huh?

Now, if this is your first time doing this, stick around, we have a complete step-by-step guide on how to confirm your AMEX card online using the website But, if you already have experience with the confirmation card from, you can visit the official site immediately using the direct link. is an official site for confirming American Express cards online. American Express / confirm the card is an online card confirmation site where you can easily confirm Amex. Amex confirms the card on the American

How to confirm your American Express card online 2021?

These are the simple steps to confirm your American Express card on your official website

  1. First, visit the official American Express credit card website at

  2. You can also type this website in your browser or you can go to the link above simply by clicking on it.

  3. Now visit the website, you would be with a credit card list page

  4. Now, you have to enter all the details that you need.

  5. After entering all the required information, click the "Continue" button

  6. Now, you will be asked to sign up for a new American account if you don't have one.

  7. Click Yes and continue to create your American expresscom confirmation card process

  8. Complete the entire account registration process with your own username and password

  9. You should also give the correct answers to all the security questions on the given web page.

  10. After the entire process of completing your profile, your AMEX credit card will be confirmed.

  11. After that, you can use your username and password that you used when creating the Amexexpression account

How to confirm your American Express card on the 2021 phone?

Free AMEX card confirmation hotline to confirm your card on the phone:

+ 1805-335-6585

  1. Here's a little tip on how to do this on the phone:

  2. Call the toll-free number above.

  3. Now, you will be connected with a customer service executive.

  4. They will ask you which American Express card you have.

  5. Respond and proceed as prompted.

  6. Your card will be confirmed and activated. Instructions 2021

Apply for an American Express credit card (we recommend an AMEX Gold card)

  • Be lucky to get approved

  • Navigate to

  • Enter the 4-digit card ID

  • Enter the 15-digit card number

  • Previously, the card was valid and ready for use.

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